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Actus & The Good Life Run – Fighting Teen Depression

ACTUS supported The Good Life Run and the Student Ministries of Central Church on April 28th. Hundreds of people come out to take a stand against teen depression in the Las Vegas Valley. It was an honor for our ACTUS team to also stand with Central as they highlighted the very serious and growing issue of teen depression.

The student program at Central Church is committed to helping teens across the valley live “The Good Life.” Here is a link to a brief video recap of their event:



1 Year Anniversary & Open House

Critical Assistance Relieve Effort (C.A.R.E.)

What is C.A.R.E.?


CARE is dedicated to the elimination of homelessness. Through the devout efforts of CARE and the Las Vegas community, they strive for their clients to obtain self-reliance and full assimilation back into society.


CARE focuses on “support services” in lieu of critical situation management, which is provided at neighboring facilities. Their goal is to assist homeless individuals (Clients), that are on the bubble of making the transition from vagrancy to a functioning member of society. Their “business plan” is to remove obstacles that many Clients are faced with that can be daunting or unsurmountable while trying to make the transition – these services include resume building, interview preparation and clothing, identification assistance, lockers and mailing services, bus passes, hygiene packages, etc.

Project Goals

As this organization works to address barriers of homelessness, the current condition of their facility leaves these volunteers woefully unable to meet the incredible demand for their services. We have identified several critical, basic, and essential improvements that must be made to the facility as soon as possible. There is significant opportunity for our group to make a real difference here. Although the facility is in rough shape, the terms of occupancy are very favorable for CARE’s continued residency. All parties involved are committed to the long-term success of this organization.

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