Land Surveying


Surveying or Land Surveying is the technique, profession, and science of locating the three-dimensional position of a particular point and the distances and angles between multiple points. These points are typically located on the surface of the Earth and are often used to establish property boundaries, create topographic maps of developed property or to delineate the surface location of subsurface features. Most important, these positions are used to design the world around you and so a Land Surveyor must take great care in collecting this highly accurate and important data.


Land Surveying Actus provides:

ALTA/NSPS Land Title Surveys
Utility As-Built
Construction Staking


Land Survey Mapping Actus provides:

Residential Subdivision
Residential Condominium Subdivision
Townhome Subdivision
Commercial Subdivision
Commercial Condominium Subdivision
Parcel Maps
Record of Surveys
Legal Descriptions


Additional Surveying Actus provides:

Finished Floor Certification
Post Construction Certification
Flood Zone Elevation Certification
Photogrammetric Control
Erosion Control Monitoring
Settlement Deflection Monitoring